Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Whilst sorting old paperwork recently I found a note that I had written earlier this year that said that 'do a talk during Cheltenham Wellbeing week - September 2019'. Tick.

This got me thinking about how powerful it can be to write down what you want or need to help you focus and commit, to make things happen and get things done.

I love a to-do list but but this can cause unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Setting an intention is different, you can have one thing to focus on each week or month. Writing this down will help you to remain guided on the intention that you have set.

It is more about qualities that you want in life rather than lists, for example, focus, connect, nourish etc.

My intention for the rest of the month is presence so that I can enjoy the September sun, and connect more with those around me.

Some of the methods of achieving this might be a list (switching my phone off at 9pm and using it less at weekends, not checking emails out of hours etc) but the key theme is about being more present.

I will try writing my monthly intention on a post-it sticker in a location that I am likely to see often (probably the fridge!) then whenever I need a little reminder, it is there.

Have you set your intention for the week, month or year yet?

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