Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Ever find it hard to action a change until someone gives you a little nudge?

Lifestyle advice can be an important part of your progress with Acupuncture. You might have a habit which could be influencing your symptoms.

Here are some lifestyle habits that I have been trying to take on board recently.

🌟 *Slow down* - unless it really is urgent, not everything has to be done all at once.

🌟 *Limit caffeine* - try to have one less cup per day.

🌟 *Move more* - get your 30 minutes daily walking in or join a yoga class.

🌟 *Worry less*- not everything is worth worrying about, try to find methods that help with this such as mindfulness or meditation.

🌟 *Get more sleep* - start a bed time routine earlier, (I like 9pm) then you have lots of time to get your hours in even if you can't sleep straight away.

🌟 *Look up more*- less screen time could help with many things including your posture (and stops people bumping into you if you are not looking where you are going). Also nature is really beautiful.

The best way to have a successful lifestyle change is to find small changes that are manageable for you and give yourself mini targets so that you can achieve them 🌟

Don't forget to look up!

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