Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Your first acupuncture treatment will consist of lots of questioning. We will ask all about your 'systems' to build up a picture and help with the diagnosis. How is your sleep? How is your digestion? We will also look at your tongue, feel your pulse and take your blood pressure.

It is important to gather this information so that the best treatment can be planned for you, this will usually take around 45 minutes. You will then be ready for your first acupuncture treatment lasting around 45 minutes. The first treatment will vary from person to person because we are all unique and one persons reason for having a certain symptom will be different to the cause of yours.

Treatment doesn't just have to use needles, we can use Cupping, Guasha or a Heat Lamp as well.

The Acupuncture treatment room at The Hive is a lovely fresh and calm space for you to relax.

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